With a new protest every week against the dangers of coal, plastic bags, or penguin cancer, outrage is spewing from coast to coast. Even in the Midwest, I am covered in a thin film of residual anger from the People’s Climate March. (Or maybe it’s just from the chemtrails.)

What exactly is all of this rage directed at? Corporations, big business, anyone who has a yacht that isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio. So, whatever. People have been outraged forever. But they haven’t always been so misguided. Remember when we used to get mad at the government?

IVN reports the federal government is the single largest consumer of energy with 500,000 buildings and 600,000 vehicles. In 2009 alone, the government’s bill for utilities and fuel totaled $24 billion, so it’s no surprise that the government’s carbon footprint is 123.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Yet activists still fight for another department, employee or program to fight back against the evils of the man (or woman, you sexist) in a suit. Or pantsuit. Or dress… you sexist pig.

The title of this piece mentions a sustainable energy that will fuel us for all of eternity, or until Jesus sends another flood. That energy, my friends, is not algae or solar, but freedom.

Still glad you clicked this link? You should be, because it is true. It’s not even one of my tinfoil hat theories! Though that silver shine really does bring out my eyes.

A study by the Fraser institute finds that economic freedom is associated with reduced air pollution after controlling for other relevant variables.

Here’s how I see it: the environment is natural. It’s nature! We as humans do not have to force any action upon the earth to let it exist… and thrive. But our actions can harm it as well. This is the reason activists so often protest the actions of those who alter our one, tiny inhabitable floating ball of matter. It interferes with nature.

However, the idea they cannot seem to grasp is that nature exists outside of the trees we hack down or the atmosphere we pump dino bone smoke into. (Only the most scientifically accurate and elite academic science terms here, folks.)

The free market is about as natural as it gets. It is instinctive. To buy and sell, to cooperate and create. To grow! Businesses are exactly like those trees you hippies love to hug. I hug trees too, but only in the park, and usually right before I get arrested for public indecency.

We know that you cannot force a tree to succeed. You can water it, place it somewhere it can grow successfully, but you can never declare a tree “grown.” You would have to have some superpower or defy every law that exists on this planet. Even still, this effort it takes to grow a plant is maybe fun, but unnecessary. You can’t force a business to succeed either (sustainably) for the same reason: nature. So why do we try to force environmental health through regulation? It will happen by itself, if we allow it to do so.

Regulation, to put it simply, is anti-nature. It throws off the laws of supply and demand and absolutely ruins the natural growth fueled by the market. It doesn’t work in the economy, and never has. An economy (something that is natural) rejects regulation and law as a hindrance to its potential success. Is that unlike an ecosystem? So I challenge leftist environmentalists: why are you inconsistent in your views?

The only thing regulation helps with is the success of corporations that thrive in the protection they receive from our government. Corporatism, as many do not know, is not capitalism. It is an artificial and harmful disease that our country is sickened with, and it is not representative of the free market whatsoever.

While the environment is affected by our actions, we must remember that adaptation is also natural. Putting my tinfoil hat back on, personally my theory is that the environment will handle what is thrown at it, simply because of this idea of adaptation. Sure, CO2 is being pumped out like no tomorrow, but so what? Regardless of my belief, let’s look at the facts here. Our president is dead set on being the Climate President. Terrorism is whatever. But whatever we do about climate change will be completely useless, because…

According to the European Commission, China (the world’s leading CO2 emitter) could potentially double their emissions by 2030. Whatever we do to combat this will be only an indent in the larger problem.

Now, it is important to note that China is a property rights disaster. Letting the state control land is like giving a party of 8-year-old boys a replica city of Tokyo after showing them Godzilla. They will race to see who can have the most fun (or profit) first, and let it be destroyed in the process. It is important to protect property rights, for the good of the earth. Owners take excellent care of their land because they are responsible for the resources. They aren’t going to destroy the value of what they own.

So quit begging for more intervention. Sustainability comes from innovation, and innovation only occurs naturally in a free market environment. Don’t subsidize industries, don’t attempt to force a solution. People will work to handle problems without the strong hand of the government strangling necks of taxpayers who wouldn’t be able to afford a comfortable existence without the life saving works of coal. While coal may be “unsustainable”, it is one piece of the pie that is freedom, working its magic on our development as a country and planet. And it is one delicious freakin’ pie. Let’s hope other countries waft in the enticing scent of the baked goods we are giving off, and make one of their own. The recipe is simple. Freedom.


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