Does anybody really care what Obama is going to say tonight? Don’t we all know the plan already, from the Air Force One teaser about free college to the predictable the emptiness of American speeches? Obama’s string of meaningless words is hogging several major stations tonight, but I did a little search of my own through the garbage to find some hidden gems of television. Friends, here are 8 more interesting shows than the SOTU on TV tonight at 9 pm EST. Enjoy!

Screen-Shot-2014-11-12-at-9.38.25-PM2004 State of the Union


We all love to reminisce, especially about the Bush years. Remember when things were just as terrible? Flashback to 2004 tonight, and fall in love with the PATRIOT Act all over again. Airing simultaneously with the 2015 address.


Florida-Hotel-Exteriror-Shot-PoolHotel Showdown

Travel Channel

A new episode of this classic is airing tonight on the Travel Channel. Watch as hoteliers judge each other’s restaurants and spas–  and this episode won’t be one to miss. According to the TV Guide, these daring entrepreneurs experience the Cross-dressing Drunkerella, and a place where clothing is optional. Sexy!



Nicki Minaj: My Time Again


Nothing like hearing the tale of a 32 year old musician who has accomplished more than the president of the United States.




The Weather Channel

What kind of plans do you have tomorrow? Concerned about getting to work on time with a snowstorm on its way? Will your picnic be rained out? Good news– you don’t have to live in fear anymore! The Weather Channel offers around the clock news on your very TV with what you can expect outside tomorrow. Talk about the true state of the union!



media-37839-139797I (Almost) Got Away With It

Destination America

This show tells the story of an Oklahoma drug lord wanted for murder and kidnapping who fled to Mexico to stay out of prison. But be careful parents, the economy may get an F, but according to TV Guide this show gets an L (Strong Coarse Language) and a D (Intensely Suggestive dialogue).



internet-meme-poster-smallBest of the Internet 2014


This is all you really need to know when it comes to the state of our union. What happened online in the past year? This defines us far more than any government program. Will Obama mention ANYTHING about how Grumpy Cat made it to the big screen? Sit back and remember what we’ve done this year that actually matters.



main-imageGirls Gone Dead


If you’re fortunate enough to have Showtime, this comedy seems like a fantastic alternative to the SOTU. A wild and sexy spring break beach party becomes a nightmarish bloodbath when a homicidal maniac shows up. Is it just me, or does that sound like the US the day Bush was elected?




MC Throwback Jamz

Mediacom, Channel 708

Do you miss old R&B? Do you want to hear the classics back to back with fun trivia facts on the screen to test your knowledge? Then this is the right program for you. Kick back and let the world burn as you let the sweet sound of laid back beats wash over the room.


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